LVL – Length, Volume and Lift…

This is what all of us ladies have been waiting for, long, luscious lashes with no need for lash extensions. A completely natural look giving a wide eyed appeal to your eyes. LVL stands for Length, Volume, and Lift. The stunning alternative to eyelash extensions! LVL has been designed to enhance your natural eyelashes by straightening them rather than curling to create the illusion of longer, thicker lashes. The treatment takes between 30 and 45 minutes depending on the length and quality of your natural lashes.

  • No Adhesive or Lash Extensions Used
  • Treatment Takes 45 Minutes
  • No Mascara Needed
  • Lasts Up To 6 Weeks
  • Results are Immediately Visible
  • Very Low Maintenance Lash Treatment

What are LVL Lashes?

LVL is an exciting new eye lash treatment that can provide you with longer looking lashes without the need for lash extensions or harsh perming techniques. LVL Lashes produce stunning results quickly. Roughly 45 minutes of LVL Lashes can last up to 6 weeks!

Low Maintenance and Long Lasting

While lash extensions can be a great solution for some people, there are a large number of people who want a natural look/alternative while still achieving that ‘big lash look’! Until LVL Lashes, the only treatments available for these people were unsatisfactory perming techniques.


Experience Longer Lasting Lashes @ Divas for £37

Please note, a patch test is required before your LVL Lashes treatment...